Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Traitor Heart Attack

"Beware of this Traitor Heart Attack.!"

A heart attack is the death of, or damage to, part of the heart muscle because the supply of blood to the heart muscle is severely reduced or stopped.The big reason why I'm afraid of this Traitor Heart Attack is, my father also have a Heart Attack case.I'm very afraid that this Traitor Heart Attack will attack my father anytime at anywhere and I may lose him, but I'm not losing my hope and I'm praying to God to give my father more longer time with me. I'm thinking positively, it's because my father is a strong son of God. My father is been attack 3 times and survive it. The first attacked happened last 4 years we were afraid, scare and in mix emotions, were in panic we don't know what to do, we brought him to the hospital immediately , it affects his mouth and he cant speak straightly. The second attack happened after ,about 7 months after the first attacked. We don't expect it, because no one in our family want it to happened again. In that attacked, it affects his mouth again and he cant walk normally. Luckily after a few months my father slowly recover. Every day, months, and years my father is continuing his good and better condition,But this last year (year 2009) my father has been attacked again and his in bad condition, he is confined 1 weak at the hospital. That 3rd attacked is the very worst, because the half body part is been paralyzed (the left side). We were scared,because its a dangerous condition.That time we never lose our faith in God.We did our best. We didn't lose hope and trust in God.We did our very best to help my father to survive that horrible condition, thanks to God. As the day passes we think positively that this TRAITOR HEART ATTACK will never attacked my father again.

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