Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Essay About The Islam


*As i go along to my research, more about Islam, I learned many things like what it means, where it came from, who is their founder, when it begins, About their people, their language, Their God, about Qur'an .Ive learned also many things about Ramadan like the origin of Ramadan,that Ramadan is a test for Muslim so that they can learned more about Patience, Muslim's don't even eat, drink, smoke and indulging anything. Ive learned also their beliefs and practices especially The Five Pillars of Islam,and also their Traditions. As i go along I found that Islam's are very faithful in their god, in fact they have what we call HAJJ, Ive learned that it is a pilgrimage where all Muslims pray to follow their tradition. Imagine that Muslims pray 5 times a day and the calendar of Islamic is depending on the Moon,how religious they are?.Qur'an of the Muslims are likely means the Holy Bible of the Catholic.

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