Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brian Viloria Lose Against. Carlos Tamara

January 23, 2010 the most awaited fight of our very own Brian Viloria up against Carlos Tamara in titled "CollisionCourse" for the IBF Light Flyweight Championship Belt, But this awaited fight will end badly and I never expected it. A very disappointing lose of our very own Brian Viloria up against the Challenger Carlos Tamara of Colombia in a crucial 12 round "TKO". As I watched it, As every rounds goes on, our very own Brian Viloria is dominating the fight and leading the scorecard. But, at the 9 to 12 round, Tamara the Challenger is showing his skill and hunger for the win and get the Championship Belt. At the 12 round Tamara brutally outbox Viloria. Viloria exchanging punches but, he is out of his stamina. As Tamara lunches combinations, the referee stop the fight and convince to give the win to Carlos Tamara of Colombia.

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