Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Computer is like a "Drugs"

Are You Like This...?

Yes for me computer is like a "Drugs". Why i say so? It Is because me myself proven it and already became addicted with it. Like a drugs, computer can make you "in control". Like what happened to me, because of over gaming and playing computer, I was very "High" with it. I wasted all of my time in front of the computer without a proper eat. I been getting out of my class or "cutting classes" for 1 month. I really didn't think about the consequences . It is because of the joy and the fun that will make you "out of your mind". Everyday passes the only thing that will go up in your mind is, all about the game, how will you play it, what will you gonna do to your character or in your account. I think the very cause of this is I use it in a wrong way, and to all of you, I will tell you honestly when you are addicted with it, its very very very very hard to come out with this "Addicting Hobby".

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