Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Funny Day

What a Funny day, this morning i woke up very early in the morning. I feel very tired and trying my best to stand out in my bed. I feel very tired, because last night I memorized my presentation in English. It is all about "Promoting" something special spot here in our municipality. I memorized it successfully and I'm ready and exited to present my output to the class. So.... after I woke up in the morning I cooked my breakfast , I took a bath, I brushed my teeth I wear my uniform and I'm ready to go to school. As I wait a tricycle someone told me that we don't have a class, but I didn't listened to him, because I am afraid if I cant recite my presentation today. I went to school and guess what...? It's true we have no class. I went to my classroom and I saw my friend Edgar and he don't know also that there were no class and we laughed with each other. As I continue going to my classroom my classmate are there, they are in civilian and they know that there's no class, they all are laughing at me and I went home laughing at my self and asking to my self, what a funny day..?

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i hope to see more posts in your blog.

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