Thursday, January 28, 2010

Modern Sanitary Land Field In Carmen

Davao Oriental is improving their proper waste management. Davao Oriental help our mother nature by segregating their garbages, from Biodegredable to Nonbiodegradable. Garbages that have a potential or can be sell like bottles, newspaper, plastic and etc. are being collect buy the barangay offcials here in Davao. Garbages that can't be use anymore are put in the big plastic bags to be collected by the garbage trucks, but this agenda is hard to accomplish so Davao build a modern Land Sanitary Land Field in Carmen that will help to improve Davao Oriental in segregating Garbages. This Sanitary Land Field have a modern technology to help the Earth in garbage problems. It also use for a longer usage of time, it has the ability to last at least 8 years. It also have a capacity ti prevent soil erosion and liquid spill. The amazing thing is the liquid waste that the garbage produce will be process to become a water, a clean and drinkable water.

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