Friday, January 22, 2010

My 3rd Quarter Exam

This 3rd quarter exam is very important to me. It will affect my 3rd quarter grade, it can help my grade to increase, especially I got many absentees this past quarter. I study hard my academic subjects especially Mathematics, English and Science because I'm so behind in our lessons. When our exam started I feel exited, it makes my rainy day hot. The first test was Mathematics some were difficult, but I think and answer it with all my best. Next is English, after that is our break. After the break is Filipino and next is the very difficult one, Values, why i say so...because the test is all about listing all the Vocational teachers that I know in my whole year here in Vocational High School in complete name....After that difficult test is Science and I Believe It's easy but I'm wrong, in fact It is the very difficult test of all, and I did no expect it. Next is Mapeh followed by Entrepreneurship, both are difficult but not like Science. At last the 3rd quarter exam is ended,So far I fell comportable and contend to my output.

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