Monday, February 8, 2010

Student accepts $32,000 bid for virginity

Do you want to auctioned your virginity to $32,000 to stranger..? this kind of human trafficking is spreading, especially in internet bidding. Just visit this site for more info ( For me this kind of act to take a virginity of a student is very freaky. Now a days, prostitusion is the world widely spreading problem, and it is hard to control,It is because of the internet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Friend Look A Like

This is my friend Abdullah Barabag but in our TVE Class we found out that he has a Look A Like

Is my friend looks like this Man...?

Taylor Swift Wins Album of the Year 2010 Grammy Awards

The most awaited Grammy awarding is now given the results, the most highest award that you can get in the world of Music Industry. In this Grammy moments the most awaited part is the winner for The Album Of The Year. As the celebrity host give the result that Taylor Swift wins the Grammy, A memorable speech of Taylor Swift makes it worthy.

Giant squid 'invasion' sparks excitement

What The.....!

Hundreds of the creatures show up in California waters, causing a big spike in fishing trips.Giant squids! Sorry to startle you, but we're just so excited. You see, they're giant squids! And they're invading California beaches by the hundreds! And in a heavily attended press conference this morning, they announced plans to star in their own reality show!

OK, so maybe that last one hasn't happened (yet), but the rest of it is the honest-to-god truth. An article from the AP explains that the squids weigh up to 60 pounds each, but most tip the scales somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds. And, yes, they squirt ink when irritated.

Web searches on the giant squids (GIANT SQUIDS!) are already off the charts. One-day spikes on both "giant squids" and "giant squids in california" surged from near-zip into the thousands. Folks clearly want to see these gargantuan creatures for themselves.

Despite their intimidating heft and tendency to spew ink, the squids aren't scaring off local fishermen. As of today, around 400 of the giant squids have been nabbed by anglers. That number is likely to rise. An article from San Diego 6 explains that locals "started booking twilight fishing trips over the weekend to catch them."

The last time the giant (aka “jumbo” aka “Humboldt”) squid made waves in Search came last September, when a record-breaking 19 ½-foot-long, 103-lb beast was pulled from the Gulf of Mexico.

Now they're back with a vengeance. Wanna see the new ones for yourself? MyFoxLA hosts a collection of photos of nabbed squids.

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