Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Act Of Peace And Kindness That I Could Do As A Gift.

* Be Friendly
*Be Helpful
*Be Kind 
*Be a Respectful Being
*Be Honest
* Be GOOD to everyone that surrounds you, because they said " If you do good things to others, They will be good to you also as what you have do to them."

The Things That I do At School In Trashing Garbage.

Lets do it in a step by step process. In trashing waste, first identify what kind of garbage you have. Next... find the  right trash cans or bags that your garbage belongs,if it is a biodegradable or a non-biodegradable garbage. Third... maintain the proper cleanliness of your trash cans and bags, you can even sell your garbage in the junk shop like, cans, paper, plastic bottles and many more. finally wait your provincial or city garbage  collector, because they can  help you where to trow your garbage. Lets continue and maintain this step to save our planet.
You what are the things that you do at school or at home in trashing your garbage...?

What Are The Thigns That I Want To Do In My Self To Make Our Planet Healthy

      Let's Save  Mother Earth

In our days, our planet is in NATURAL PROBLEM. because of our doings. . We live in this world, but we also destroy it. Today we are suffering the effect of our bad habits in living  on our world likes, Elnino, that we are suffering now,also Earth Quakes that damaging several countries now like Haiti and Chili. So  I want to be apart of saving mother earth. I want to help by using blog, so that  I can convince them to save earth in a fast way. We must plant more trees, we must throw our  garbage in the right place. Lets save our planet.
       For my self,  I will continue my good habits likes, enough time in sleeping, Exercise everyday and do good things.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Goals or Accomplishments I would Like to Reach or Attain this Year.!

==> Me..!  I want something to accomplish in life... I want something to attain or reach especially this year. The very big thing  that  I want to accomplish this year that running in y mind are, especially im a graduating student  I want to enjoy  and feel the essence of being a graduating student. because  this  is once in a lifetime achievement that every individual wants the most. I want also to accomplish a very important thing this year.  This is a feeling of every individual,  you feel high and something is important to you...There is someone who is very especial to you. I have  a crush and I am very in love with her and Im falling badly, crazy in-love with her. This year  I want her to be apart of me. I want her to be mine. I want her, to be my  girlfriend . Please lord help me... 

You what are the goals or accomplishments that would you like to reach or attain this year...?

The People Or Events That Influenced Me Throughout My Life

=>.......The people that influenced me most throughout my life are my very own FAMILY, my very... loving family; of curse! because they are the people in this world who precious me  the most. They support me throughout  the year, the month, the days that passes by.. but in fact in my whole life as a human being in this world. I spend my whole life with them.. We eat together, we sleep together, we bond together and specially we live together in one house. They make me realized to continue in life, they sacrifice hard to help  and guide me  not only  them but also my friends and most of all GOD.

You....! what influenced you most throughout in your life...?

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