Thursday, January 28, 2010

My C-A-T Encounter

I really want to join CAT. I am determine to be a CAT Cadette, at my first CAT encounter I feel exited.When It started I'm chilling and I'm starting to feel the tension, because our CAT commandant is Mr. Alvin Cafe, known for being strict and a terror teacher but sometimes funny. When our commandant informing as the character if a CAT Cadette and the LAW that we will follow as a Cadette. I'm so nervous, because its very strict in fact, when you got a mistake or late without a valid reason you are automatically out.At the first practice I learned some basic moves. In CAT you must be fast, vegelant, energetic, alert and the heart. The good thing about of joining CAT is it improves your life especially it adds your determination, physical ability, mental alertness, and mostly your determination.

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