Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Lessons New Learnings

Today i feel very very nice, I don't now why.? How freaky i am, isn't it..?@_@. This day morning after our flag ceremony is my most favorite subject.That subject is mathematics and our mathematics teacher is Mrs. Arbol, mathematics make my morning alive and hot. Today we open a new lesson it is about math notebook you know what i mean?Ha?Mean you know what?So now you know.?Joke only..Actually the lesson that we discuss in mathematics is all about "Right Triangle Trigonometry" this lesson is connected on our past lesson about "Identities based on sin, cos, tan". This lesson is a challenging and an interesting one . When the lesson started its very hard to understand, but as the time passes by, I learned the lesson slowly but surely. After our math teacher finished to teach us the lesson,she gave a quiz, a quiz with 15 items, and Guess what Ive got..? I got a perfect score, "congratulations". After that, my teacher recorded our scores and after a moment she gave an assignment to us......If i got a perfect score in the quiz, I will make sure that I will get a perfect score on my assignment.

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