Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Are The Thigns That I Want To Do In My Self To Make Our Planet Healthy

      Let's Save  Mother Earth

In our days, our planet is in NATURAL PROBLEM. because of our doings. . We live in this world, but we also destroy it. Today we are suffering the effect of our bad habits in living  on our world likes, Elnino, that we are suffering now,also Earth Quakes that damaging several countries now like Haiti and Chili. So  I want to be apart of saving mother earth. I want to help by using blog, so that  I can convince them to save earth in a fast way. We must plant more trees, we must throw our  garbage in the right place. Lets save our planet.
       For my self,  I will continue my good habits likes, enough time in sleeping, Exercise everyday and do good things.

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