Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Goals or Accomplishments I would Like to Reach or Attain this Year.!

==> Me..!  I want something to accomplish in life... I want something to attain or reach especially this year. The very big thing  that  I want to accomplish this year that running in y mind are, especially im a graduating student  I want to enjoy  and feel the essence of being a graduating student. because  this  is once in a lifetime achievement that every individual wants the most. I want also to accomplish a very important thing this year.  This is a feeling of every individual,  you feel high and something is important to you...There is someone who is very especial to you. I have  a crush and I am very in love with her and Im falling badly, crazy in-love with her. This year  I want her to be apart of me. I want her to be mine. I want her, to be my  girlfriend . Please lord help me... 

You what are the goals or accomplishments that would you like to reach or attain this year...?

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